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Extending Netkit-NG Kernel and Filesystem

Get the sources

On Github: netkit-ng-build (latest version is 0.1.3)

Master branch contains the latest stable release. Develop branch is to push new features or fixing bugs.

Build netkit-ng-core from sources

It is recommended to build the kernal and fs on a non-critical VM running a fresh install of Debian wheezy, as the install requires root rights.

To build the fs and kernel, you need to configure NAT as rootstrap builds the filesystem inside an UML VM:

$ iptables -j MASQUERADE -t nat -o eth0 -A POSTROUTING


$ git clone
$ cd netkit-ng-build
$ git checkout master
$ make

Add a debian package in the filesystem

The list of installed packages (beside base packages) are listed int the packages-list file:

  • Add your new applications into the file package-list of the fs directory
  • Add the daemon name into the file disabled-services of the fs directory (to disable it at boot)
  • Build the fs with make fs

Add a new file or modify a file in the filesystem

  • Add the file in the ‘fs/filesystem-tweaks’
  • Build the fs with make fs

Bugs, help…

  • Search for help in channel #netkit on freenode.
  • If you want to contribute, please fork the ‘develop’ branch and request pulls.
  • Report bug on the netkit-ng-build bug tracker